Prices and Fees

Prices as of May 1, 2023

Mobile General 

Notary Services

$30 to $50 Mobile Notary

General Notarial Services include one or more signers for documents that need to "be notarized." I will physically come to your location and verify the identity of the signers and notarize your documents.

Fee Breakdown: 

Mobile Loan Signing

$120 Basic Loan Signing

As a loan signing agent, I help borrowers sign in the correct places when they sell, buy, or refinance their property. I can also help with debt consolidation and other loan needs. I print copies of the loan documents, meet signers at their homes, notarize appropriate documents, and return the completed documents back to the lenders.

Online General

Notary Services

$25 for one document/seal

$8 for each additional document/seal

I use BlueNotary for Remote Online General Notarial Services (RON). If you have documents that can be notarized electronically, I use my official electronic notary seal and commission.

See BlueNotary's fee schedule for details

Additional Services

Message me to ask for current pricing

Printing and Delivering Completed Loan Packages to Contracting Companies